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How does hiring Oklahoma DUI attorney Alan Woodland benefit you? He wants to win your case and has the skill and training to effectively represent you. He will personally handle your case and return phone calls. He's trained in DUI defense and devotes 90% of his defense practice to DUI, DUI-Drugs, APC, Public Intoxication, Driving While Impaired, Driver's License & CDL, Expungements, DUI Manslaughter & Child Endangerment. Depending on his caseload, he also represents 2nd Amendment and Possession cases (usually accompanied with DUI arrest). (Read Qualifications Here)

Attorney Woodland

If there is a hole in the prosecution's evidence, Alan can find it, and use it for your benefit. In all cases, he will work to minimize or eliminate any negative effects of your DUI charge. You deserve an actual DUI Attorney that will get (fight for) and look at each piece of evidence (arrest video, breath, etc.) and is trained to attack those pieces of evidence. Criminal arrests are serious matters.

Alan approaches each case considering how to win and secure a dismissal and reduction of the arrest charges if possible. If a plea agreement is the best option, he'll work tirelessly to get the best possible. He has received numerous dismissals and reductions throughout Oklahoma.

A large focus of Alan's DUI practice is finding ways to suppress breath (intoxilyzer) and blood tests (gas chromatograph). He's been trained to operate the intoxilyzer and chromatograph and know how to defend against them. He's also been trained in the same roadside tests the arresting officers have drivers perform on the side of the road, which include the eye test, walk and turn , once leg stand. This gives him a distinct advantage when cross examining in your DUI case. Read more about his training here.

Warning: Alot of attorney's advertise for DUI clients. Beware of anyone that will tell you over the phone what "deal" they can get for you or will quote legal fees without meeting you and looking at the arrest paperwork. Beware of criminal defense attorneys that take any type of case.   Beware of a phone conversation that sounds 'over confident' without looking at your arrest paperwork.

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Peace of Mind. Your driver's license and court case are critical matters. Attorney Alan R Woodland provides skillful and personable representation. Come in for a free consultation.

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