Zamboni DUI

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Zamboni DUI 02/02/2015 0 Comments   Is This A Proper Arrest in Oklahoma? decide:Title: 47 O.S. 11-902 (A)A. It is unlawful and punishable as provided in this section for any person to drive, opera...


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At some point law enforcement, district attorneys and possibly jurors were in agreement these people were guilty and spent the governments money to convince others the same... Read more by following the link below:

Spiked Red Bull?

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The stimulants in Red Bull will not counter the effects of alcohol. Read the article by clicking this link: the driver was in fact Under the Influence as a first offense,...

Beginning Break

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For most, school ends today until next year and Christmas vacation begins. Plan ahead. Be safe. If you know someone that needs a DUI lawyer, have them call.

Beer Battered

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You have an odor of... fish about your person Remember, a "drink" is roughly considered as a 12 oz beer, glass of wine or a shot.Read this man's explanation below. needs a thorough defense.

16 and ....?

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How Colorado differs from Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, a DUI is prosecuted as a felony when the arrestee has entered a plea to a prior DUI within 10 years.

The Consequences of an Arrest and the 2nd Amendment

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Will my charges adversely affect my Right to Bear Arms? And has your attorney informed you of the possible consequences? I've included a link to the ATF website below that will explain the issue.In Oklahoma, a misdemeanor charge in district court carries 10 days to 1 year in the county jail.   ...

Operation StanDOff 2

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Operation StanDOff is in full swing. Plan ahead. For Your Information: 1. Be respectful2. You Can Use your Right to Remain Silent3. You're not required to take the roadside tests and it's very unlikely you'll do well on them if you try4. If you refuse the request for breath or blood sample, your...

Operation StanDOff

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Starting November 21, 2014 at 3:00p.m. Law enforcement in Oklahoma County will have additional units looking for suspicious driving behavior. The Oklahoma County Sheriff will also have four checkpoints. They will live tweet at #ENDUI or #StanDOff. Plan ahead. If stopped, do you know what to d...

Saying No Takes Courage

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Yes, It is perfectly ok to deny a search request.

Fall Festivities

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Don't let the Fall be your downfall It's a fun time of year with visits to the pumpkin patch, costume parties, fall festivals and concerts, haunted attractions, trick or treating and football. -Don't let jail colored orange be your costume!Plan ahead. If you or someone you know is arrested and w...

Continuing Education

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This past week I completed a four day hands-on course in Chicago. The picture to the left shows the attendees that completed the course. The training included lecture/lab with the world's top scientists in the gas chromatography field, including Dr.'s Harold McNair and Lee Polite, and has been...

Is Prohibition Back?

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Continued Tightening A much lower blood alcohol limit is being proposed by the National Transportation Safety Board. The current level is .08. The proposed level is .05. Are you in control of your body at .05? Is the real issue revenue??

More "Flawed" Evidence

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Read about the FBI and its review of scientific evidence below.

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