Common Sense less

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Don't bug me with details, I'm making a false arrest... The need (I'm a cop) and pressure (departmental expectations) to make arrests often overrides reasoning skills... Notice- the dog owner's charges have already been dismissed. Follow the link: *disclaimer: not all cops, just some(more and mo...

What Not To Do

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My first tip is to remain respectful when arrested, but this is a close second...Acting in this manner will only hurt your case. Stay calm and hire a DUI attorney

Poor Decisions

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Karma...? Recently I posted about judges getting arrested for DUI's. Well, here in Oklahoma, a trooper got arrested for DUI by his fellow troopers over the July 4th weekend.We all make mistakes and none of us should be above the law... but I'm curious to know if he was treated with the same "res...

Happy 4th!

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Celebrate safely. If you or a loved one are unfairly targeted and arrested, or if you know of someone that didn't celebrate responsibly, call me. Both need skilled representation.

Another Judge...

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Character Counts... Last week I posted an article about a judge getting arrested for DUI. Of course they are innocent unless proven guilty. But we usually, and should, consider these people pillars of sound thinking. Ambien has caused many accidents and arrests. However, she may have several val...

Roadblock Trouble?

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No, this is not war time Germany There were roadblocks this weekend. Were you, a friend or loved one stopped and arrested? A skilled DUI attorney is able to determine if the roadblock was conducted lawfully and can give you the best defense. Call now.Below is the link to the Oklahoma County Sher...

Willie Doing His Part

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So Many Things To Remember... Well, Willie Nelson did his part in getting the vote out. This is posted for comedic relief. Remember to visit the link below before burning one down.

Judge Not...

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... lest ye be ... (you get the idea) Although I'm not surprised to hear of judges and prosecutors getting arrested for DUI, I am baffled why they consent to the road side tests (standard field sobriety tests). I've heard of several of these types of arrests lately...Read the article below.   ...


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What is the law? "It shall be unlawful for any person to operate or be in actual physical control of a vessel upon the waters of this state, except privately owned waters..."; if - blood/breath sample is .08 or above at the time of test;- under the influence of any intoxicating substance renderi...


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When is it ok for the sheriff to spy? It seems a rural sheriff in Oklahoma thinks it is within his police powers to jump a fence and plant surveillance equipment on private property. You can read more below.If you believe your 4th Amendment Rights have been violated, call attorney Alan R Woodlan...

Laser's & Alcohol

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A New Method Of "Searching" Your Car Coming soon to a municipality near you?New technology is being developed, constantly, to bypass the need for search warrants. The latest is employed from the outside of your vehicle... and detects vapors in your vehicle. Read the article below.If you or a lov...

Boundary Change

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To better serve and protect The Oklahoma City police force redrew its patrol boundaries. The result: more cops near you. This will supposedly reduce the response time when 911 is called, which is a good thing. You can read about it in the link below.An issue important to DUI arrests is the wheth...

Fight! Fight!

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It Has Come To This... There was a time in our country's not to distant past that people would take their differences up with gloves on/off... and leave it there. But in a court of law? Apparently both parties are not wanting to get the district attorney involved and the attorney will no longer ...

Call Now

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If you or a loved one was arrested during the 'click-it-or-ticket' campaign, call me. Alan R. Woodland, Esq

$$$ To Use...

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Increased awareness this weekend Until Monday midnight (the end of Memorial Day Weekend), the Oklahoma County Sheriff is increasing the effort in finding drunk drivers and seat belt violations. It's part of TEAM (Traffic Enforcement Across the Metro). 10 metro agencies are involved. $216k from t...

Cop Being Prosecuted?

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Surpising... to me I've watched numerous arrest recordings where the actions of my clients and law enforcement do not match the observations written in the arrest reports. These inconsistencies range from the driving actions of my client, i.e.. driving all over the road, crossing center line etc...

Big Name Charged

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Cal Hobson Accused... Stopped for swerving, arrested for DUI. Was the arrest done properly? Was the breath test administered in accordance with the Board of Tests procedures? Read more below.

Click-it Campaign

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Increased Scrutiny of Drivers and Seatbelts From May 19 through June 1, law enforcement will be on high alert for seat belt violations. The offense results in a fine. If you're like me you're probably wondering: How much of our tax dollars are allocated to these types of campaigns, and isn't law...

Cinco De Mayo!

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Law enforcement is on high alert for any 'suspicious' driving, expired tags or lights not working. If you are pulled over and have been drinking, even if you're not over the limit, expect to be forced out of your car.If your celebration was interrupted by a cop, call DUI attorney Alan today.

No Refusal

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It May Be Coming to OK The Highway Safety Office, and others, are devising an aggressive plan. Read it below.

Three Pigs

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...Not above the law I really don't find happiness in others misfortune, but sometimes... Many times while watching arrest videos I notice the arresting officer driving much worse than the person they are pulling over on suspicion of DUI is driving. That is upsetting. I'm curious to learn if the...

Pay Raise

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I wonder if the bonus incentives for getting a certain number of DUI arrests will be done away with now...

Car Accident DUI Overturned

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The affidavit for a warrant was incorrect. A skillful DUI attorney will spot these errors. Contact attorney Alan R. Woodland for a free DUI consult.


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A person with diabetes WILL have a breath and or blood test score that is inaccurate. A DUI attorney understands these issues and others. Call Alan R. Woodland if arrested for driving under the influence.

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