There are two proceedings occurring at the same time: Criminal Court and DPS. A good DUI attorney excels at both.

A first offense DUI, sent to county court, is punishable by imprisonment in jail for not less than ten (10) days but no more than one (1) year, and a fine of not more than One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00). Most people choose to plea bargain a period of probation.

At DPS where your driver's license is at stake: a first arrest causes your class D privileges to be revoked for six (6) months. IF the breath test (or blood) was refused or is a score of .15 or above, an additional eighteen (18) months of restriction is added. Potentially, you can lose your license for two (2) years on a first offense. An ignition interlock is required to drive during this period, if granted.

The license revocation/restriction times increase substantially for repeat arrests.

You may be able to the driving diversion program IDAP. 

There are so many complexities, pitfalls and potential fatal flaws an attorney can cause by not being up-to-date and skilled in DUI law.

DUI Attorney Alan R Woodland focuses on alcohol related offenses.

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Peace of Mind. Your driver's license and court case are critical matters. Attorney Alan R Woodland provides skillful and personable representation. Come in for a free consultation.

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